How many times have we all heard or used that expression? More often than not, the people, places and events in our lives really are more interesting than a work of fiction could ever be. Because we think that holds true for our wonderful B&B, we’ve decided we are going to turn its lively and colorful history into – what else – a book!

For those of you who are familiar with Silver Spruce Inn and have stayed here, you probably already know at least some of the stories surrounding the history of the place, starting with its construction back in the 1790s by one of Schroon Lake’s earliest families to settle in the area, to the purchase and expansion of the house by Sally Miller Smith and her use of the place as her own private “speakeasy” during Prohibition.

Well, we’ve decided to tell you the whole story.  There are so many stories, anecdotes, and myths surrounding the house – and our beautiful Schroon Lake in general – it just isn’t fair to keep all of this information to ourselves.

For instance, you can see photos of the original house as it looked when it was first built at the end of the 18th century and read about the parties and events that took place here. Or, find out what’s so special about guest room #6 and about Sally’s and her sisters’ connection to people like Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt.

These are just some of the interesting things we are looking forward to sharing with you.  We will be sure to keep you posted as we progress with our story and we’ll let you know as we get closer to our publication date, which we hope will be sometime this Fall.

After it is published, we will also be talking about the book at local events. As that schedule becomes available, we will share it with you here, on our website. So, be sure to keep checking back with us for new information.

And of course, please call us to find out about rates and availability and to book your trip to our beautiful Inn in the midst of the amazing Adirondacks! To our returning guests, we can’t wait to see you again. To our new visitors, we can’t wait to meet you and make you a part of our Silver Spruce family!