Signing Off For the Season at Silver Spruce


Silver SpruceAs we reach the end of another wonderful season at Silver Spruce, we want to thank all of our guests for your continued patronage. We hope the time you spent here was full of exploration, adventure, wonder and – of course – relaxation amidst the natural beauty of the Adirondacks.

With autumn coming to Schroon Lake a little earlier than it does for our neighbors to the south, we are busy raking leaves and cleaning the gardens in preparation for the winter months. Indoors, the fireplace warms our hands and our spirits as the evenings become chillier, a harbinger of things to come this winter.

Although we will be closed for those frosty winter months, we will not be idle. Our plans include travel, visiting with family and friends and, of course, getting ready for re-opening the Inn next Spring. We invite you all to check in with us during the Fall and Winter, as we prepare to publish a book about Silver Spruce called Them That Has by local author, Maureen Werther.

The book is an informal history of the home that we now call The Silver Spruce, from the time of its construction in the 1790s, through the next 200 plus years. The changes this old house has undergone, the scenes it has been silent witness to, and the people who lived their lives here are stories that anyone who loves the Adirondacks will thoroughly enjoy reading about.

We are planning our official launch of Them That Has next spring, with a reception and book signing right here at Silver Spruce. Be watching on our website for more updates and information throughout the winter.

Again, thank you for sharing our wonderful bed and breakfast with us. We wish you a safe, healthy and happy winter season, and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2017.